Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birding at Pettit Creek Farms for World Bird Wednesday!

Pettit Creek Farms is known for their wonderful petting zoo, Camels, Zebras, Lamas, and other cool animals but with about 88 acres I knew it had to be a great Birding spot. This farm is located just a few miles from me in the fair town of Cartersville, GA.  (Click HERE to read about my visit there last Fall and Click on their name in blue to visit the website.) 

Last weekend I had the opportunity to be given a tour by the owner/operator Scott Allen. Native Birds was the main reason for my visit....but I have to share this handsome male Peacock. To my delight when Scott did his "Peacock" call this bird would answer him back. I was impressed!

Well....back to the Native Birds. We were on the back side of the farm when we spotted these Woodpeckers high in the trees. There were three of them flying from treetop to treetop. The light was bad. I took some pictures anyway and enjoyed watching them. Scott noticed that they had some red and white coloring (since he is younger his eyesight is much better than mine). My first thought was maybe a Hairy or Downy. Well now.....after uploading the (not-so-good but good enough to ID) photos I am totally thrilled to see that they were RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS!!!  I haven't seen one in over 30 years! Here are the photos:

OK...this wasn't a new sighting for me but honestly it feels like one! I have been so dang worried about these birds. They have to compete for nesting sites with European Starlings plus deal with loss of habitat. 

This male Eastern Towhee was a cool sighting as well. Rarely do I see them in a tree. Yeah.. the tiny branch interfered....a little bit. Dang it!

I cannot thank Scott and June Allen enough for being open to the idea of including Bird Watching and add a Bluebird Trail on their very special Farm! Please visit, Like, and post a supportive comment on their Facebook page: Pettit Creek Farms on Facebook . This could be the start of something wonderful.....for birds and birders! Perhaps one day I will meet you there.

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Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love.....and Happy Birding!



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