Tuesday, February 22, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIV

Greeting my Birding friends, Blogging friends, Family, and Everyone else who may drop in for quick look!

It is World Bird Wednesday and I am happy to share this surprising visitor to my Mason Jar feeder . Now...I have had plenty of White-Throated Sparrows feed under the seed feeders(during winter) but this is the first time I have had one visit a feeder. He/she even would run off the Chipping Sparrows and tried to run off a Northern Cardinal (that didn't work). He/she has claimed this feeder which I fill with a good Finch Seed Blend. I am so amazed how birds adapt and adjust their feeding habits due to the environment!!!

Please visit Springman and others who are taking part in this wonderful meme at World Bird Wednesday

Hey...Maybe YOU should join in and post a photo of your birds!!! (Yes...I am talking to you Jack!:)

Peace, Enlightment, Love, Health, and Wealth to All. Oh....and plenty of Hugs and cool bird sightings!



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