Wednesday, February 2, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XI

In Honor of World Bird Wednesday I would like to share part of an email I recently received from my friend Glynda Clarity who works for the state of Mississippi's Department of Natural Resources. She is a Wildlife Biologist and has been very busy since the historic BP oil spill.  This is her latest update:

My work was really busy this year.  Besides normal stuff the oil spill brought in some new work.  Our agency developed guidelines and provided cost share for private landowners to create or manage existing shallow water feeding grounds by pumping water and managing vegetation from July till now (trying to keep some of the migrating waterfowl away from the coast).  We knew some birds we couldn't keep away, but some of the ones that migrate to South America - we were trying to get to fuel up before they got to the coast and skip it as they flew to S.Am., especially the early migrating shorebirds and waterfowl like, teal.  Amazingly I think it really did help even though we figured we couldn't change 100's of years of migrating habits.  It was kind of like "build it and they will come", because we had bunches (not a very scientific number but we didn't do a count) of birds on all the sites I got to visit (unfortunately only a small percentage of the total acres).  All the landowners said they had either never had any or never had as many birds, especially shore birds as they had this year.  High usage of these areas may have also been due to the fact that we had a drought during that time, and they didn't have normal places to go.  Around 8 states participated in this.  I got a few good pics but haven't had time to post them anywhere.

I am so very thankful for the work of these States and the landowners who opened their land and provided a safe place for the migrating birds to "fuel up" so they could continue to South America without having to stop at the "oily areas" on the Gulf.  Hey....Glynda send those pictures to me to share with my friends here and keep up the Great Work and Thanks for sharing "what's happening" on the Gulf. 

OK....I don't have any shore-birds but I do have this photo of one of the male Blue Grosbeaks that travel from South America to my humble place to nest each spring.  Oh, how I love these very pretty birds! 
Sorry, but this will be a repeat for many of my readers. Hope y'all don't mind. 

Wishing All who read this....Peace, Health, Wealth, and LOVE!  

Many Thanks to Glynda and others that have played an important part in helping our precious Birds survive the errors made by Mankind.



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