Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Booth Western Art Museum located in Cartersville, Georgia

I was lucky to win a couple of free tickets to visit this fine museum last Fall. It is odd that I had not visited this venue since I really love Native American Art. Anyway...what really drew my attention is the Ansel Adams photo gallery...being displayed until March 13th. 

Now what budding or seasoned photographer would not enjoy this Event? Oh...I did!

All of his work is remarkable giving the camera and the developing process involved to get these great photos. This is the camera he used. It looks very heavy.

I will share a couple of my favorites of the many on display at the Booth.

Sigh...I only hope to be a small faction as good as Ansel. 
If you are in the Atlanta area you don't wish to miss a visit to this engaging Museum. There is much for the Old and the young! Booth Western Art Museum



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