Tuesday, January 11, 2011

World Bird Wednesday VIII

Welcome to World Bird Wednesday VIII !
It is great to take part in a World-Wide Bird Gathering!

With the recent snow storm in NW Georgia.  My place was invaded by a HUGE flock of Common Grackles...for the first time ever....and I have lived here for 9 years. It was a downright scary experience seeing them fly in by the the hundreds. OK ...I am exasperating(sp..maybe) by 20 or 39. ??? It was a bunch. 

Common Grackles are Native birds so....all I can do is run them off. They are easily scared...but will come back after a few. Grrr

I was very insulted that they invaded the squirrel  proof feeder(s).:(

Please check out this super meme @ Pine River ReView . Y'all will not be sorry!!!

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to....You ALL~!



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