Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Matter of Balance

Mother Nature has a way of balancing herself in spite of the errors of humankind.  I truly believe this statement and it is"scary"....because it means that we are NOT in control of Nature. I remember reading about how the so-called mythical island of Atlantis sunk due to them trying to control the weather. Maybe it is true...maybe not...but it does give one a reason to give it a "good"think". what does this have to do with bird watching and living a simple life?  Plenty!  Watching the activities of native birds will give you a clue on the Health of "YOUR" environment.  Dang....I wish everyone would really notice the "state of the wildlife" in your area. can we help Mother Nature?  Stop using pesticides and chemicals on your lawn and/or land. This is the one major positive step we can make to help Mother Nature balance and endure...or our future generations.  Hey.....recycle....recycle....recycle. Seek out the many great Going Green websites for more information. Just Google them. 

I'm ending with a photo of a Male Pine Warbler. I love these birds and only get to enjoy them in Winter!

Wishing ALL....Peace, Love, Health, and LOVE!!!



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