Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World Bird Wednesday III

I enjoy watching Northern Cardinals year-round at my place. These birds sure do brighten up a cold and dreary day! Last February we had a nice little snow (seldom do we get snow here). Who doesn't enjoy seeing these pretty birds in the snow?  Dang....even the females are gorgeous! 

This shot includes a couple of Goldfinches and a Chipping Sparrow along side the male Northern Cardinal.

Recently this male poised for me. It has really turned cold but no snow...yet.

If you wish to attract these birds to a feeder Black Oil Sunflower Seeds is their favorite. They will also go for suet cakes and really, really like homemade Lard/peanut-butter cakes. It's not unusual for 20 or  30 will be perched in my trees waiting for a turn at one of my feeders.

Just click on the Link below to connect with Springman's World Bird Wednesday at The Pine River Review and see the others who have joined this wonderful meme. Hope to see y'all there! 

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love....To ALL!



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