Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winterizing Nestboxes ~ Update

Due to the Arctic blast many of us are experiencing...I am republishing this post from 12/2010. Please remember our wild birds when the temps take a major dip. Here in Georgia, it is said our lows will be the lowest in 17 years. Brrrrrr.....

Nestboxes are a great place for birds to stay warm during a really cold night. could purchase or build "roost" boxes but why bother if you have nestboxes/bird houses? It is really simple to "winterizing" them. Thanks to my Bluebird Mentor Evelyn for the how-to! 

First you make sure the nestbox is clean. Layer a piece of foil (shiny side reflect the heat) on the floor. Making sure the vents are covered.

Add pine straw or dried grass on top of the foil. 

Close-up the box and pug the top vents with foam cut to fit. 

Last Winter Brown-Headed Nuthatches stayed warm in this nestbox. I was pleased as punch to watch them go in and out in the morn and at dusk. Sorry but I can't locate the photos. Ya'll will have to take my word that nestboxes/bird houses will be used by native birds on cold nights. 

Let's help our little winged critters survive the cold!  

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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