Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Change Is Safe.It's Safe to Change!

I have been Missing It Action here at my blog and visiting my favorite blogs due to getting use to not being a smoker.  Most of my smoking took place while I was online so I have had to Change my routine.  Being a "non-smoker" is more important to me than keeping up on blogs and forums. All the cells in my body have been undergoing a major Change.  This has really been an interesting experience!  

I am now over one month without smoking. Yes, the thoughts still occur but they do pass.  My mind is finally able to focus....thank goodness. My energy level has increased. Recovering from my recent bout of pneumonia is a huge step forward. 

What is really, really wonderful is having my granddaughter spend last weekend with her changed for the better Grandmother.  I love having more cash to spend on her!  Just one perk of many.  It was also wonderful to not worry about her going home smelling like smoke...even though I would fumigate (incense, scented candles, cleaning, and sprays don't work that well) and never would smoke inside during her visit. 

She picked some Crabapples for our snack for our walk in the woods. During the walk I explained that birds and other wildlife loved these tiny she wanted to offer a couple to the birds.  This was her idea to build a natural feeder on the low  branches of a White Pine.  She was so proud!

We visited the nearby swamp. It was trashed. I had the opportunity to teach her to not litter and why.  She enjoyed picking up the bottles, cans, etc and made the comment that God and Mother Nature must be happy with us for cleaning-up the swamp. a local park she spontaneousnessly started hugging trees. I swear I didn't prompt her! Dang ...she had me hugging them.  OK...I have done this before. (smile)  

It is wonderful to be online and not constantly desire a cigarette. Maybe I am over the "hump". Many thanks for the supportive comments during my amazing change.  I know better to never say never but I sure hope I "never" light up another cigarette. It is all or none for me.

Carole of Country Mouse Studio turned me on to this wonderful book about "Saving Our Children From Nature-deficit Disorder.  If you have wee ones in your life...this is a must read! 
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder

Wishing All....Peace, Heath, Wealth, and LOVE!  

PS.  I will be "catching-up" on my favorite blogs soon!!!



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