Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pettit Creek Farms

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and I was feeling almost normal from my bout of pneumonia.  So...I decided to visit Pettit Creek Farms in Cartersville, Georgia. This farm is well known in my county and has a very popular Christmas Light Show in addition to the exotic animals.

I feel Fall is the best time of year to visit this interesting farm.  When you turn into the drive (there is one for the entrance and one for the exit)  You are met with signs saying to drive SLOW or you will be told to leave.  It didn't take long to understand why.  Chickens where running in front of my car very few feet!  I tried to get a good picture of them but failed.   However this cool bird greeted me along the driveway to the parking lot.

After I paid my $12.00 admission fee, I took a look at the Pumpkin Patch.  This sign was a hoot!

I ventured to the petting zoo and fell in love with the Porcupines!  I had never seen one in person. They were so cool!!!

The baby Camel was a sweetheart. Hmmm....what strange eyes they have. 

After having a yummy Hot Dog...I waited in line for the Hayride.  It started out as a very pleasant ride though the woods and along the creek.

The Zebras where amazing.  I love Zebras!!! They came running up to the wagon for us to throw them bites of food.

Then we stopped to feed the Camels.  They would not dare touch the electric fence. The driver explained to me that they cut the power from time to time to save money. Guess those Camels have learned not to test it. 

I enjoyed meeting Scott Allen (the owner) during my visit. His pretty wife June was collecting the entrance fees and was very helpful. They are super nice people.  What is really cool is if you watched "The Strictest Parents" on CMT last week (the season premiere) then you have already met this couple and seen their amazing farm.  If you missed it here the link to watch the episode. It is very interesting
Strictest Parents~The Allen Family in Cartersville, GA

Peace, Health, Wealth, and ALL!!!   Still not Smoking!!!



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