Monday, October 18, 2010

Northern Flicker - Yellow Shafted

I am still recovering from my bout of pneumonia. It is nice that bird watching can be a passive hobby. Today I was blessed with the presence of a bird I hadn't seen in 30 years. Yep...the last time I witnessed a Northern Flicker was when I was living in a sub-division on the other side of Atlanta. They would drum on the metal gutters which is their way of attracting a mate.  I would step out... watch them and smile. 

Northern Flickers are large woodpeckers (12 1/2 inches). They like to eat ants and beetles so you are likely to find them feeding on the ground.  They are year-round residents in much of the US.  The Yellow Shafted is found in the East. When in flight you will notice the "yellow wing lining and under tail color".   The Red Shafted is found in the West.  They have different colorations.

While I was getting a few photos....this male gave his signature call.  Click Here to hear their call and to learn more about this cool bird. 

OK  enough talk...time for my photos of this striking woodpecker!

Now you may understand why I am so excited about seeing this bird. I hope he comes back and brings his family. 

Wish Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!  (I am still Smoke-Free!)



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