Saturday, October 23, 2010

Drought, Flowers, and Birds

Georgia is still experiencing drought conditions. Some area are worse than others as what little rain we have had is isolated and spotted.  

This Hardy Ageratum tolerates dry or wet soils and high heat. Most of the summer they were wilted but with cooler temps and a little rain they came back and are blooming. Butterflies and bees find them attractive. 

What does a lack of rain have to do with attracting wildlife/birds?  I have observed an increase in birds visiting the feeders. Which probably is due to a lack of food  for them in the wild.  Growing native fruit bearing  plants will help cut the cost of bird seed and provide some interesting sightings plus they can withstand a drought and other adverse growing conditions.   

I allow Poke-weed to grow here and there in my yard/garden. The birds do a great job sowing the seeds.  I think they are pretty plants and birds love the berries. Beware: The berries are poisonous to humans.

This is a female Northern Cardinal enjoying the Poke-weed berries. 

Having a water source is a must when you want to attract in birds to your space.  I have 2 bird baths and a small water garden.  Now the birds can find water at the nearby Etowah River but I enjoy watching them utilize the sources here.  Again it is so cool to watch them drink and bath.  Remember that birds like to have a tree or shrub to fly to for cover after bathing. Being wet slows them down so they are easy prey for a predator. 

A Blue Jay is enjoying a drink in this photo.

A Northern Mockingbird taking a bath.

I haven't gotten many photos of birds at my water garden due being hidden by flowers.  This Brown Thrasher gave me a photo opportunity in the one exposed area. 

Well that's it for now. I may bring back Funnies for Sundays in the future. But for now I am taking a  funny break.  Hope to go back to work come Monday.

Wishing Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL! (Still am Smoke-Free...Whoo Hoo!)



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