Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Your Name Little Bird?

During a break at work yesterday I went outside to see if any town birds would happen by. This little bird was waiting for me on a nearby low wall. It wasn't startled when I opened the door and allowed me to take a few pictures. I immediately thought he/she could be a Song Sparrow but just wasn't sure.

Song Sparrows' nesting range is a wee bit north of my area. I usually see them only in winter. Had Fall migration already started? I knew I would have a busy night after work trying to positively I.D. this bird. Let's take another look at this sparrow.

After getting home I started to do some research. First I looked in my new Field Guide for Birds of North America and then looked in my older guide for Eastern Birds. Then I looked online at All About Birds and WhatBird?. Even though this bird didn't have a very noticeable central spot on the breast which would be a dead giveaway, I came to the conclusion that this was very likely a Song Sparrow. If I am mistaken please feel free to correct me. 

Song Sparrows are common birds in all regions of North America. Some areas they are year-round residents. In some they are seen during breeding, and a few (like my area) they are overwinter guests.  One very interesting fact I learned was there are five variations of this bird! All of them share a few traits but size and coloration can be slightly different. It all depends on the region. So, the ones in the East will look different from the ones in say... the Northwest and so on.

Back to the little sparrow at work. I have one more picture to share. I had hoped it would turn out better but lighting and distance wasn't in my favor. This bird found a big piece of crusty bread near our dumpster. I enjoyed watching he/she repeatedly peck and flip it around. As you can see it doesn't take much to amuse me.

One final bit of news....I have been invited to the beautiful and bird friendly Barnsley Gardens to bird watch during the Fall Migration! A few of you will remember my recent photos of the Gardens' Lotus Pond. If not you can see it Here. Bartow County is a hot spot for migrating birds and Barnsley Gardens is the perfect place to watch the action. Check them out! I am very excited for this very special opportunity. Hopefully I will be able to get some great pictures to share with y'all and maybe add a few birds to my Life List. So...wish me luck and check back for the post.

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to All!



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