Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharp-Shin Hawks

I have noticed over the years that during Spring and Fall migration there has been an increase of visits from Hawks. During this time I always feel a little guilty feeding the songbirds since I am creating a place for a Hawk to get an easy meal. I have a Love/Hate relationship with Hawks.

I have watched as one swooped in and nabbed a bird several times. Once one caught a Mourning Dove and the Dove's mate flew screaming after them. That scared my mind. I will never forget it. That said....I actually love Hawks. They are very regal and beautiful native birds. I am fascinated by their ability to sneak up on their prey and realize that this is merely the cycle of Nature. Hawks have to eat also. I just wish they would catch the dang rats instead of the songbirds.

I haven't been able to get any recent pictures (they were to swift) but can share pictures from past visits.

This is my best capture.

This Sharpe-Shin was further away at the edge of the woods outside my yard/garden in this photo so it isn't very clear. Just look at those claws!


Due to connection problems with my wireless server, I will not be able to visit my favorite blogs. Many thanks to the great tech at AT&T for getting me back online!  Rosalind (sp?) Logan you are a jewel and deserve a raise. Thanks!!!

Wishing All.....Peace,Health, Wealth, and Love!



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