Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pioneer Days

Every Labor Day weekend Bartow County in Georgia (where I live) puts on this fair called Pioneer Days. My daughter and granddaughter where suppose to come up to attend this fair with me but couldn't make it. So....I decided to go with my camera. I had never been and hoped to get pictures of some Pioneers and see some great arts and crafts items.

This is the sign at the entrance. 

Parking was a long ways from the fair ground so they had John Deere tractors with wagons carry us there. 

Once inside I noticed this vendor selling homemade ice cream. He had this cool engine doing all the work. Not a bad idea!

I ventured on looking for Pioneers. I was side-tracked by the arts and crafts but was very disappointed. There were only a handful of booths set-up and most of the items were imported.  This one booth had some nice handmade caps... was over 90 degrees and just looking at these made me feel even hotter! I know come January I will have wished I had purchased one.

Oh well....maybe I will find the Pioneers. On I walked and found the food. Paid $2.00 for homemade lemonade and $5.00 for a chicken salad sandwich. Hey it had apple and walnuts in it and was pretty good. I ate it before I could get a picture. I was that hungry. 

After eating I went in another direction still looking for the Pioneers. I came upon the all these rides, loud hawkers wanting everyone to play "their game" and the ticket booths.

Seeing the merry-go-round made me wish I had my granddaughter with me. I love merry-go-rounds.

Yet still no sight of Pioneers. I was getting worried and started asking where they were. Come to find out they didn't attend this year. What!?!  Pioneer Days without Pioneers?  What's up with that?

I forlornly started walking back to the pick-up area to leave this misleading fair when this sign caught my eye.

Hey....I had ridden an elephant but never a camel. Why not I told myself. This could be an interesting experience. Pettit Creek Farms is local and they take great care of their animals. I paid the $7.00 and one of the nice attendants agreed to take pictures using my camera. So here I am riding Clyde. They assured me that he wouldn't spit at me and he didn't!

I'm just hate that Clyde's head was cut off in this shot. He was a sweetie.

No Pioneers but Clyde and Pettit Creek Farms saved the day!  If you are ever in my area give them a visit. Their website is . 

OK....I will not post anymore pictures of me and will be back to birds. I will be at Barnsley Gardens bright and early next Sunday the 12th. It would be great to meet you there. Bring your camera....migration is happening!

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to All!



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