Thursday, September 23, 2010

Northern Cardinals and The Crabapple Tree

My Callaway Crabapple Tree is loaded with little apples. I planted it a few years ago just for the bird and wildlife yet never got to see what critters enjoyed them until yesterday. The pictures aren't as clear as I would like since my camera focused on the leaves. 

At first I thought the Cardinal was nibbling on an apple but turns out he was nibbling on the tuft (not sure what this part is called) on the bottom of the apple. 

After he took several bites and left it wasn't but a minute before a female Cardinal flew to the tree and took a few nibbles at the same apple.

As soon as she left I went to look at this apple to confirm what I was seeing. There weren't bites in the apple. Perhaps an insect or worm was what they were after. It is odd that they went to the same spot and apple. Gee....birds never fail to do interesting things!

 Don't they look pretty perched in this tree?

Wishing y'all Peace,Health,Wealth, and Love....and Happy Fall!



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