Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eastern Towhee Juveniles

I mentioned that the wild birds were having a party in my yard/garden in my previous post. I wasn't kidding. Many year-round birds in healthy numbers were flying to and fro from the feeders, water sources, and ground feeding when I got home Sunday afternoon. None of the group shots turned out well. You will just have to take my word about the party. :)

The birds that really caught my eye where the juvenile Eastern Towhees. So I will focus on them. Usually they are very shy and stick to the edge of my yard but over the last few years they have gotten very brave and will venture into my open yard. These entertaining birds' range extends in many regions of the U.S. and their nesting range even includes parts of Eastern Canada. To learn more about this lovable bird check out this link at WhatBird here. Be sure to listen to their song and call. 

I hope these pictures will help others with identifying these youngsters. Their little hop as they scratch at the leaf litter is one way to help ID them.  This first one could be a female. Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them. 

This one looks like a young male in the process of getting his adult plumage. That's a female Northern Cardinal in on the left.

This a side view of the young male.

It's another work day for me so I will see y'all later!

Wishing Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to All!



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