Monday, September 13, 2010

Bird Watching at Barnsley Gardens

Yesterday I went to Barnsley Gardens in hope of sighting some migrating birds. The weather was perfect for a day out in nature. After checking in at the Outpost where I was given a map of the garden. I decided to head for the ponds. Water birds were high on my list of birds to see. 

I stopped to rest at this beautiful fountain. Birds have been known to bath and drink from it. 

I didn't see any birds but did enjoy watch butterflies and bees at the flowers close by. I think this is a Common Sulphur. If anyone knows the name please leave me a comment. 

After my rest I continued to the ponds. Once there I found a shady spot to set-up my Coleman chair and took in the beauty around me. 

I heard birds singing in the woods but none were visiting the ponds. I did enjoy watching the turtles basking in the sun on the far side. 

After a couple of hours and still no sign of water birds my friend Sara who had finished her tour found me and we went looking for the birds.  Soon we came upon this proud looking Great Blue Heron sitting on a bridge.  

I didn't see any new birds to add to my List Life but truly enjoyed the visit. Sara and I had a late lunch (which was delicious) before I came home. 

Once home my yard/garden was filled with birds! My next post will be about their party which lasted until dusk. 

Wishing All Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!  



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