Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Vicious Female Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds

Who doesn't love these tiny, beautiful but vicious birds. Yes...I said vicious! They are very territorial and don't wish to share a feeder or a flowering plant with another hummer, butterfly or bee.  

Males are mean but I feel females are even meaner. Numerous times I have watched as one knocks another one (juvenile perhaps) to the ground and holds it there for a second or two. You wouldn't believe the loud squeaks the grounded hummer makes. Late Summer - early Fall is usually when you can witness all this fighting. They are fatting up so they can survive the long journey to their wintering grounds plus maybe the females are teaching the immatures to be tough. 

Sure wish I had a video proving what I have witnessed. Maybe in a few weeks I will capture some Hummer fighting footage. Getting a great in flight shot hasn't happened for me but... know...I will not give up trying! The male Ruby-Throated is more often desired for photographs but I feel the female needs her day of honor. Dang...she raises her babes without any help from the father. No wonder she is cranky!

Female Ruby-Throated recently sitting in the Serviceberry tree. 

Female Ruby-Throated in the same tree last Fall practicing Yoga.

Love those tiny feet!

OK...I have to share at least one photo of a male. Some of you may have seen this one before since this is the second time I have posted it. I like how the ruby feathers are detailed and his serious "don't mess with me" expression. This was taken last year also.

Well it is late and I have to work tomorrow. Hope y'all have Hummingbirds to enjoy. They are a hoot to watch! 

Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!



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