Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teenage Northern Cardinals

The juvenile Northern Cardinals are now on their own. Mom and Dad are not feeding them any longer.They are so full of energy and seem a little reckless at times just like human teenagers! 

Here are some pictures of these teens taken in the last few days. Adult feathers are replacing the baby feathers on this teen.  This stage gives them a calico look to me. 

I was impressed with this one because he/she kept trying to get a bite at the suet feeder. It was fun to watch and I cheered when he/she finally got a bite.....without clinging to the feeder!

Finally here is a young adult from the first nesting of the season. We can now tell this is a male but he still has the dark bill color of a youngster.

I hope y'all enjoyed these teenagers. I have to admit I like their music better than some of the music played by human teens now days.  

As always....Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL and remember to watch the birdies!



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