Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Daughter Talked Me Into Adding This....

This is a very different post for me. Please bear with me. I will be back with my birds in the next post. Hope I don't lose anyone...but this is real and about my life.

My daughter recently landed a very cool job at this company who is based in Columbia, South America (my dear son-in-law is from Columbia) and have only been in America for two years. She is the first American employee and is in charge of Marketing this company here in the USA. It helps that she is fluent in Spanish but she also has her Masters in IO Psychology. OK...I am bragging. A Mom has that right. Right?:)  It has taken her a couple of years to find a job worthy of her education. So...I wish to Congratulate her on her new position publicly and tell her how much I love her and how proud I am! to "what she talked me into adding" is being an advertiser for her company Leonisa. To do this I had to create an account with LinkShare( which I recommend joining since I feel bloggers work hard and should be able to earn some money for our time and efforts). Then she had to approve my site as being appropriate. LOL! Perhaps ya'll have noticed the ad already. This company sells not only up-end undergarments, swimsuits but also shapewear plus items for post-surgical, maternity, teens, and even shapewear for men (which got a giggle from me.. my daughter says that these items are very popular). 

I have to admit that I am very impressed with this company. They are very flexible and family friendly. I don't have to worry about my granddaughter being left at a babysitters after school, etc. All corporations should operate this way.  I am also impressed with their products and prices. I have my eye on a couple of items but I'm not saying which ones. :)

Since we all wear underwear (well maybe all) take a moment and check out what Leonisa has to offer. You may just find something you really like for yourself or a loved one. dear Claudia....Thanks for being a great daughter and my best friend! Hope you liked my review.

To All who reads this: Peace, Health, Wealth, and a Lotta of LOVE in Your Life!




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