Saturday, August 28, 2010

Funnies for Sunday

I got this idea from my blogger friend Judy Adamson who lives in Wales. She often posts a funny YouTube clip from a Brit Com on Sundays. Since I love British humor going to her site on Sundays has become a have-to for me. She is an outstanding artist and I recently purchased a lovely fairy themed birthday card from her for my granddaughter's 6th birthday in December.  I also enjoy the Sunday Funnies at Grampy's World .  Today's funny is a hoot!  Check both of these sites for a great laugh!!!

As a child growing-up in the 50's and 60's the Sunday Funnies was something I looked forward to read. Mark Trail was my favorite. Are y'all surprised?

Now to the Fun stuff. All photographers has duds. Usually we delete them but a few can be quite amusing. I have been playing in Photobucket again.:)

This female Cardinal is a Princess and likes to wear lipstick.

 This song was hit in the 60's. It is still a hit in the birding world.

Wild birds love to hide behind branches and foliage. I swear they like to taunt us nature photographers on purpose!

I hope you enjoyed my humor and if this is a hit I will add a Link gadget so we can share our funnies every Sunday. Post a comment to let me know if you feel this is something y'all would consider participating and joining. We need to laugh more. Laugher is good for our heart and souls!

Wishing All...Peace, Health, Wealth, and LOVE!



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