Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Closer Look At My Mason Jar Bird Feeder

A few posts back I was asked a question about how this feeder was made. So I took some detail pictures today. Just to update new visitors,  I purchased it at a local feed store a couple of years ago. They bought it from someone but didn't keep a record of the transaction so couldn't give me the name of who built it. Sure wish I knew so I could give him or her credit.  This feeder is a huge hit with my birds. I keep it filled with a Finch Seed Blend. 

This first picture is of a male Indigo Bunting, juvenile, and an adult female Northern Cardinal sharing a meal at this feeder today.

I flipped the feeder down and unscrewed the jar to show you how the lid was cut and the ports were carved out in these next photos.

I replaced the jar and flipped it back into feeding position. 

I really like this feeder but it could be improved by adding a larger roof to protect it from rain. Also I feel a screen on the bottom of the ports instead of drainage holes (they do get clogged with the small seeds), elevating the port piece a bit and putting the drainage holes on the bottom to allow the water to drain out would turn this good feeder into a great one.  One last recommendation: If you wish to fill it with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds....go with a quart size mason jar. Mine is a pint size and will not allow large seeds to drop.

So now y'all have the low down about this cool feeder. It should be an easy project for anyone with the proper tools.

As always....Wishing All....Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!



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