Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue Grosbeaks are Still Here!

Between doing chores, blog networking, and mowing the grass (which took me hours in this heat) I was able to get some relaxing birding time in this weekend. The Blue Grosbeaks are still visiting the feeder!  Due to my work hours....if they don't show-up in the early morning and if I get up early then I won't see them. What I witnessed yesterday and today was how feisty these birds are at defending their position at a feeder. Several times I watched a Cardinal(s) try to run the male Blue Grosbeak off. But surprisingly he held his ground and left when he dang well wanted to leave. I know this beauty will be leaving any day now for his Winter home.  I will miss them. 

Thanks for gracing my place with your presence. You have been such a joy to see and watch. Hope you have a safe trip to South American and return again next Spring.

These pictures where taken yesterday and today. 

This picture I took last Spring and is my favorite. Hope y'all are O.K. with a repeat.

Wishing ALL Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!



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