Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bird Whispering

If you maintain a Hummingbird feeder than you have probably experienced an ant invasion. Ant motes are the most popular way to stop these smart critters but I have found that they dry out very quickly in the high summer temps here in Georgia.  Well....I figured out a better solution to get rid of the ants on my Hummingbird feeder. 

I have been talking to a few of my feathered friends about kindly helping me and the Hummers by eating those dang ants.  I really didn't think they were listening to me. Yeah, they will ignore me unless their feeders are empty....then when I refill them they are my best buddies for a short while. However, these two birds did honor my request this week!

This female Northern Cardinal ate a couple of black ants on the Hummer feeder. Not the best picture because I was so excited to see this happening!  

Now that was cool to watch! Then not 30 minutes later this Tufted Titmouse decided he/she would eat a few yummy ants. I had calmed down so these pictures are a bit better. I'm posting this one first so you can see there is an ant walking down the feeder.

I tried to get action shots of the ant(s) being eaten but wasn't quick enough. This is an after shot. That ant was history.

I think this was a "I did what you asked me to do. Are you happy now?" look.

Well, I made a promised that whichever bird that would help me would become my favorite bird and I would share them with the world. It looks like I have a tie although the Tufted Titmouse ate the most ants.

Talking sweetly to your birdies really works. They will listen and help keep insects under control so you won't have to use those bad-for-everything pesticides. Y'all need to trust me on this...really!

Sincerely wishing Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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