Thursday, July 1, 2010

Snake Doctors

Snake Doctor is the folk name for a certain cool insect....where I grew-up in North Carolina. I remember asking my Grandmother why they were called this and she said they would rest on snakes who appeared sick and heal them.  Hmmm....I never witnessed this myself but who can argue with your Grandmother?  So it must be true. Right?

I was working in my garden when I spotted a couple of these beautiful "Snake Doctors" flying and resting on spent flower buds near my water garden.  They are undoubtedly one of my favorite insects to observe. It is so cool how they can turn their heads to look around. 

Hmmm....I wonder how many of y'all know what insect I am talking about? Here are a few photos.

Now you know that Snake Doctors are really Dragonflies. Some call them Mosquito Hawks since they eat smaller insects. They have been linked to nature spirits and to some Native Americans represent the souls of the dead. Some old stories tell of a time that they were actually Dragons. that is where they got their name!

Wishing All Peace, Wealth, Health, and Wealth! 



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