Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Northern Mockingbird Nestlings Experience

Yesterday I visited my daughter in Atlanta for a Mother/Daughter day. She had been telling me about the Northern Mockingbirds nesting in one of their shrubs next to their street. I was really looking forward to not only our special day together but also seeing the nestlings and maybe getting a picture or two. They do nest at my place but have been unable to locate a nest. 

So....the first thing I did when I arrived was to have her point out the shrub. This shrub was only about 5 feet tall right next to the street which did surprise me. I now wish I had taken a picture of it. The nest was placed about 3 feet from the ground. Hmmm.....I wondered just how successful this nesting would be?  As I peeked in at the nest, I got my answer. Mama and Papa started fussing at me from a close-by tree. Quickly I took a couple of shots of the 3 babes but not before one parent brushed the back of my head with his/her claws! I know Northern Mockingbirds are very protective but never thought one would actually make contact. 

This is a picture of the nestlings.

I backed away and got these shots of the upset parents. Which continued to fuss at me.

I have to add that my daughter was standing at her door laughing at my being attacked. The moral of this story: One needs to wear a helmet when checking a Northern Mockingbird's nest!!!

This week I am on vacation and expecting an out-of-state guest so...may not be able to visit all the blogs I enjoy for a few days. Yeah...I need to get things in ship-shape order. This friend loves to watch the birds as much as I do so this should be a fun visit. I hope to get some pictures to share with you this weekend. 

I do hope y'all enjoyed my little experience. Until next time....Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love to ALL!



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