Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's Party With Duke On His Third Birthday!

This is one special party and y'all are invited! Ann (who comments regularly) is having a big bash celebrating her precious furbaby Duke's third birthday. He is one lucky dog to have a Mom to throw a two day party for him. Heck....I would post a picture of this sweetie but can't figure out how. I guess you will have to crash the party at Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap to get a look and join the party . Ann's blog is super and I am sure all my very creative visitors will love the party. 

My two inside Kitties are very excited to attend the party. They don't get out that much. :)
This is my sweet BoBo. She is a Princess and loves everyone. Hope you like the gift Duke!

Now Hecate is something else. I acquired her at 6 weeks old and she was feral. I was patient and finally tamed her. She has a wild edge to her and she is the top cat. Poor Bobo has to put up with a few attacks.  So here is a picture of Queen Hecate. She has an attitude as you will see.

I asked a few birds if they would like to attend this party.  This male Cardinal loved the idea of attending a party for Duke. Sorry you will have to tilt to read the text. :)

 Go over and wish Duke a Happy Birthday! 

Wishing All Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth! 



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