Saturday, July 31, 2010

Indigo Buntings and Other Visitors

I would like to focus on the ever popular Mason Jar Feeder which many of you may remember from previous posts. I fill it with a Finch seed blend that contains a high percentage of white millet. This seed is preferred by Indigo Buntings. This week  I was thrilled to see the female again.

And was major thrilled to capture both the male and female at the same time!

This is a closer look at the brilliantly colored male.

Just when I had concluded that the Blue Grosbeaks had moved on.....this one popped in for a snack.  
As soon as he left I refilled the feeder and adjusted that vine out of my line of vision!

Normally I don't allow my feeders to get this empty. Now who was being a hog and cleaning out the feeder everyday while I am at work?  The Grey Squirrels don't like these seeds. Well....I finally discovered the culprit!

This fellow sure is fat and sassy plus very brave to feed during the daylight hours. It will be hard to install a baffle on this post. I am flipping the jar down when I get home from work (it is just getting dark) so at least he/they can't get to the seed overnight until I can come up with a better solution. Where is a Rat Snake when I need one?

Wish ALL Peace, Love, Health, and no Rats at your feeders!



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