Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eastern Screech-Owl

My long-time friend Sara works as a horticulturist at nearby Barnsley Gardens . Recently she came across this cute little Screech-Owl. She took these pictures with her cell phone.  In the South they are usually the rufous morph.

It made little popping sounds with his beak as she reached down to touch it. 

They called a Rapture Rescue Center to make sure all was well and was told that he was a fledging that had landed on the ground instead of a tree. So....they just let him be for the parents to handle the situation.  I do hope he was able to fly up into a tree to join his family!

I have never see one of these very cool birds but have heard them. Visit this link to listen to their distinctive call and to learn more about them.  WhatBird - Eastern Screech-Owl

Many thanks to Sara for allowing me to share her pictures and experience with y'all. Oh....I must add that she has a gift when it comes to animals of all kinds. A few years ago she caught a water snake that decided to make my water-garden home. She was amazing as she chased it out and pinned it down. It would have made a great action video...but....I was a shaking like a leaf the whole time so it wouldn't have turned out well.  Snakes on land don't bother me but one in the water terrifies me. This gal is fearless!!!



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