Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dog Gone It...I Made A Mistake!

It appears that I made yet another mistake in my last post and I need to clear this up. I wrote that the bird on my Hummingbird feeder was a "Carolina Wren" when it is clearly a "Carolina Chickadee".  Now I do know the difference but failed to catch my error when I proof-read my post.  I edited the post but felt I needed to take a more formal ownership and say this will not be my last mistake in a posting.  No matter how I would like to think I am perfect. The truth is I'm not. Dang it!!! 

Many thanks to my young and very bright friend Sunshine for catching my error and posting it in her first comment on my blog. That's what friends do...they tell you the truth...if they know it. I also appreciated Rebecca pointing out that I had mis-identified the Robin as a Great Crested Flycatcher on another recent post. I do not wish to mis-inform anyone.

It is my hope that one day my Granddaughter will read my blog and learn that I  made mistakes, owned up to them, and graciously thanked those that pointed them out without the Ego raising it's ugly head. Yep...I am turning this into something positive.

With this is a picture I took last Winter of a Carolina Chickadee. This is one of my best.

This is a Carolina Wren. I took this one last Winter also. Not one of my best but it will have to do. I am tired of looking though all my pictures.

Now I all I need to do proof-read my post.'s late and I am tired after working 10+ hours. I will allow any mistakes to remain.

Wishing y'all Peace, Love, Health, Wealth, and Being OK with Any Mistakes You May Make!



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