Monday, July 19, 2010

The Caption Game Results!

Thanks all who participated in the Caption Game! I enjoyed all the captions and comments. Here is the picture again. 

Now for the splendid Captions!

Steve, his Blog is Out On The Prairie  : "Oh geez Robbie, did you see the mess those doves live in they call a nest?" 
Gossiping birds is funny, Steve!:)

Ann, her Blog is Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap  wrote two great captions: "Of all the bird baths in the world why did you have to land on mine?" 
"Well hello you cute little thing. Come here often?"

Ruth's Blog is JAKE and RUTH'S PHOTO BLOG : "Hey, did you notice, someone cleaned the Pool?
This one is really funny since I had just cleaned the bird bath.:)

Sunshine (who is a dear friend) finally came up with this funny caption: Hey, beautiful, wanna hang out on that branch over there?" 
You did good Sunshine!!!

Judy's Blog is Judy Adamson's Art and Design Blog  commented that her idea was already taken. She also stated that y'all were good and maybe she would invite you to write captions for her greeting cards.  Great idea Judy! 

Carole's Blog is Country Mouse Studio wrote that she was stuck yet she loved the expressions. 
I agree, Carole! :)

Jenny's site is Bird Chick Blog contribution was: "Dude---She just refilled it!!! Yippeeeee!:)
LOL...yep I did!

Ratty barely posted his caption before I hit "Publish".:) Here is the link to his Blog The Everyday Adventurer . "Cardinal - Hey we have to drink from that?"
                      "Robin - I didn't do it on purpose."
Good one Ratty!:)

Well...there is no way I can pick a winner. All of these captions fit the picture and were funny! Now I hope my visitors will check out these fine Blogs. All are very creative and talented in their own special ways. I am proud to consider them my Blogging friends.  

Note to Ann. I just realized I hadn't added your blog to my Blog list. I will do that pronto! 

I will close with a heartfelt thanks to all who shared and another picture of the Cardinal and Robin. The Cardinal had tried to run the Robin off but that didn't work. This shows who won the stand-off and got to take a bath first. Got to love how birds will interact. This is one reason I enjoy watching them. Never a dull moment and it is much better than watching TV!

Wishing All Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!
Love Nature and it will Love you back....I guarantee  it. :)



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