Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad Day Turns Out Good!

Yesterday morning all was well until I tried to make a second pot of coffee and discovered I had NO WATER.  Now what could have happened in the last hour or so? I went outside to investigate. I had water at my watering hose so my water hadn't been shut off for some reason. Then I ventured though the jungle of overgrowth which I had to cut a path to where the water is connected to the RV hose. There I found the problem. Water was gushing out everywhere! I quickly opened the lid, cut the water off and discovered that the hose had popped off the connector. Rats!

I own my camper but rent the land so I called my landlord to ask for help. Well....he refused to help and told me to call someone else. Well....I have to admit this made me mad. He was the one who installed the hose in the first place. Wasn't it his responsibility to provide this service as a landlord?

Well....I had no time to hang on to the anger plus I had to get to work. In the past this would have thrown me into an anxious state or a panic mode but I decided to have the thought that "This will get fixed one way or the other without it being a huge hassle." and this is what happened.

I called a previous co-worker who had started his own Remodeling Business. Had to leave a message. I then called his mother-in-law....had to leave a message. Called his uncle....had to leave a message.  Hmmm.....again I just held on to my positive thought. 

Shortly his mother-in-law (who is my former boss and friend) returned my call. I told her what was up and offered to pay her son-in-law for fixing my problem.  She said she and her husband would go to my place and take a look to see what was needed and would call me back. A couple hours later she called me at work and said it was fixed. They simply attached the hose to a new connector! I asked what I owed them and she just laughed saying we would worry about that later. You will never meet better people than Becky and Steve. I am truly blessed and thankful to have them in my life. 

Some may not believe in the power of positive thinking (along with a huge dose of faith) but I have found it works well for me! 

I will close with a pictures of my pretty and sunny Sunflower. I feel they are such uplifting flowers. Can you see the bee?  Note: I did play with the saturation on the second picture. :)

Wishing All Peace, Health, Wealth, and Love!  Now....I need a bath.:-D)



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