Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What a Nice Surprise In My Water-Garden!

Last year I had to give  my prolific Koi away since my small water-garden is small. I learned that unlike Goldfish they won't adjust their growth to the size of their home.  So....I went to my local Walmart and bought 2 Goldfish one orange and one white.  Of course I had not idea what sex they were. I know. I have at least a dozen baby Goldfish!!!:-D)

I'm not happy with the pictures but heck....going to share them anyway. The first pic is one of the parents with a couple of babes. I love how you can train them. When I go to feed them I say "Here Fishes....Fishes" and they come up for the food pellets. I have to re-train them every spring.

More babes.....

I find it interesting that some are orange, some are black, and some are multi-colored. If they are like Koi they could change colors as they grow.  Can you tell I am major thrilled?

Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!



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