Sunday, June 6, 2010

Super Weekend With My Granddaughter and A Surprise Bird Sighting!

This was the first sleep-over for my dear granddaughter at my humble place.  There was much going on in the local area.  This was the first place we event to raise money for those who have become homeless in our area.

When we walked it these two clowns caught Francesca's eye. 

These 2 nice guys allowed us to sample their High Voltage BBQ from the City of Cartersville in the
 shade of their Market Tent.  It was a major hot day and the park had zero shade. Thanks and your BBQ was tops!  Loved the Rib you gave me!!!

Francesca is picky but she loved their pulled pork the best. Next I brought her her first "shaved ice".  When I was a kid it was called a Snow Cone.  Of course she chose the BLUE raspberry favor so her lips would turn blue.

There was a Helicopter ride for $20.00 a piece that she wanted to go on.  I admit I was very tempted to spring for it....dang the ride only lasted about 10 minutes.  She settled for this Jumpy...which she loved and only cost me $7.00.


We had our lunch and headed to the nearby Etowah Indian Mounds.  The history of these ancient Native Americans is amazing. This was the largest Native settlement in the Etowah Valley.  The flat-topped mounds are dated to have been used between 900 and 1550 AD. The Mounds were used as a home for the Priest/Chief, temples and mortuary homes. To learn more:Etowah Indian Mounds

This is my surprise.  After Francesca and I paid and ventured toward the Mounds...we were welcomed by  the very pleasing song of this bird...singing his heart out.:)

Eastern Meadow Lark

We climbed 131 steps to reach the top of Mound A....which is the tallest Mound.

Francesca declared herself the Queen of the land as she felt she was on top of the world. :)

Being a Grandparent ROCKS!!!

Peace, Love, Health, and ALL!

EDIT:  Ruth....You got a deal!:-D)

Country Mouse....Yep, the Blue Jays are hogs this time of year.  Guess they are feeding the youngsters.



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