Saturday, June 5, 2010

Peace Restored!

I have worked the last two days and was happy to come home each night to find none of the baffled feeders empty.  Even if the squirrels are able to get to the feeders they aren't totally cleaning them out.  I can live with that.  Getting a feeder just for the squirrels has been suggested.  Maybe they would like the corn better if they had their own special feeder.  They are smart critters.:)

I have been enjoying watching the Cardinals feed their young and teach them to go to the feeders themselves.  The parent will go to the suet feeder and the babes will beg but Mom or Dad won't feed them.  Finally one juvenile landed on the feeder after many failed attempts.  So....they are growing up fast.  This picture is  Dad feeding one babe maybe for the last time.  I have unable to get a nice clear shot.  This is my best.

The same juvenile. Note the black bill. 

 A Blue Jay getting ready to ponce on the suet feeder.

A Robin stopped by for a bath.  

So did a Catbird.

A few flowers that have just started to bloom in my garden.

Bee Balm is one of my favorites. Can you see the bug?

This is what we call a Ditch Lily since it grows in ditches along the country roads.  It may be common but I love it just the same.  Don't tell anyone that I am a Ditch Lily thieve.  I stopped and dug a few up a few years back.  

When I got home last night the air was filled with the sweet scent of my Gardenia bush.  I have it planted close to my door under my "viewing" window.  I wish I could post the scent.

 Well....I need to get some chores done.  Until next time Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth!



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