Monday, June 14, 2010

One Hot Weekend!

I enjoyed my peaceful weekend alone with the birds, wildlife, and my 2 inside cats.  Wished I could have spent more time outside but it has been hotter than Hades.  The high humidity added to the heat index.  I did manage to mow my grass but had to take more breaks than usual to cool off and re-hydrate.  Usually we don't have temps in the mid 90s until say mid July.  

The high temps didn't slow-down the birds!  Watched a Hawk fly in and grab a Mourning Dove Saturday afternoon. Two Blue Jays gained up against a third one.  Ran him off once and when he returned one of the two took him to the ground for a brief fight. Dang it...wasn't quick enough to get any pictures.

There were two surprise visitors at one feeder.  Chipping Sparrows are common here during Winter but never hang around for nesting season.  Well....I had two at my popular mason jar feeder yesterday.  They usually ground feed so this was a double surprise for me.  

I seldom see a female Indigo Bunting. This is the first picture I have ever been able to get of this shy bird.  A thrill indeed!

She likes to share a meal with a female Blue Grosbeak.

A close-up of the female Blue Grosbeak. 

These birds may be on the plain side but I feel they have their own special, beauty.  Then the female Cowbird ran both of them off the feeder.  I'm afraid she is not going to win any beauty contests. Looks like she has had a botox treatment on her beak.

This bird spent a very minutes thrashing around my blueberry bushes.  Never got a clear shot.  Any idea what this bird is and what he was after?

Hint:  There are ripe berries on the honeysuckle and low-growing native blueberries growing next to the high-bush blueberries.

Hmmm....need to add some color to the post.  Had this pretty butterfly hanging around all weekend. He really liked the Speedwell blooms.   

He also liked the Hummingbird feeder.  Anyone know the name....I'm thinking it is a Red-Spotted Purple.

I guess y'all who are returning visitors have noticed I did some redecorating.  I just couldn't resist the new template designs Blogger has added. You know how we ladies are.:)

Time for me to head to work.  I leave you with this wonderful quote by Frank Lloyd Wright.

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

Peace to All!



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