Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Got Fed Up with the Squirrels!

I have been patient. I have offered corn.  Today I realized enough was enough of having the squirrels raiding my bird feeders!  Take a look and you will understand my reason for being so dang fed-up.

This was the last straw. I wondered why my suet feeders where empty when I got home from work.

So...what does a birder do when faced with these cute but gluttonous Tree Rats?  You get Baffles for the feeders that aren't Squirrel proof.

My feeders now look like they have parachutes.  You can see in the background that one squirrel is trying to raid the "squirrel proof" feeder after giving up on the baffles.:)

Well...I am happy with the baffles stopping the Squirrels. But I knew the birds would have to get use to the baffle above the feeders.  The small birds had no problem but the larger birds were more wary.  I was happy to see a Blue Jay finally visit the suet feeder an was major happy when a male Cardinal (after many attempts) landed on the feeder. The Brown Thrashers gave up.  I hope they will accept the baffle in time.

It was great to see birds at the platform feeder eating in peace....without having to wait for the Squirrel to leave.

OK, I can relax knowing my feeders are safe...but I do feel a bit guilty.  I really like Tree Rats.  Hope they take more of a liking to corn.

Peace to ALL!!!



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