Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Grey Squirrels are Winning!

This morning I was feeling guilty.  Just look at one of the three squirrels that were bummed about the baffles.  A sweetie for sure.

He gave up and went to the Honeysuckle growing on my fence.  Maybe he found some early berries.

Well....this afternoon my feelings changed.  They came and attacked!

He did a flip to get to the feeder.  

Ran him/her off and moved the feeder closer to the baffle.  Well....that didn't work.  The squirrel was back withing 10 minutes. I made it easier.:(

Hmmm... Lowered the feeder again but I think I need an Engineer. Squirrels learn quickly.  At least the baffle on the pole is working (so far).   This fight isn't over.  I am determined to win this battle!

The Score: Jean 1 - Squirrels 2

Peace, Health, Wealth...and Love to All!  

P.S.  ....and no squirrels raiding your bird feeders.:-D) 



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