Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grey Catbird Cool Down

The heat wave continues here in NW Georgia. I'm not getting many pictures of birds in my garden or at my feeders. It's not that I don't have birds visiting it's just that they aren't posing for me where I want them. How many times can you take a picture of a same species of bird in the same spot? Of course I am not taking my feathered friends for granted. Which can be easy to do.....until they go missing. 

So....I was delighted to have this Grey Catbird visit a bird bath earlier today. 

Grey Catbirds winter range is south and east of my home so I only see them during nesting season. Last year was the first time I had them hang around my place. I am thrilled that the pair returned this year. 

I am in the process of learning the songs and calls of the birds around me. Usually I have to see the bird singing to learn the ID. After listening online to the song of the Grey Catbird weeks ago....I realized that this bird will hide in the trees and sing like crazy. There is more to this bird's song then the "meow".  Another cool thing I learned was that these birds recognize their eggs so Cowbirds have little chance laying eggs in  their nests.

To learn more about this bird go to this at the What Bird site: Grey Catbird  

Looking at this bird in my bird bath cools me down.:)

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~ William Shakespeare

Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to ALL!



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