Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Challenge of Identifying Juvenile Birds

It is easy for me to ID youngster while they are being fed by their parents. When they get old enough to forge for themselves alone and start thanking on their adult plumage then it can become a challenge. Oh...I have no problem with teenage Northern Cardinals and a most other species in my area. But...this bird is really a tease. I think it is a teenage Eastern Towhee. The clue is the white feathers on the edges of the tail feathers. Also the fact that the tail is long. But the stripped breast has me doubting if this is correct.

I checked my Field Guide and the online sites but they were no help. I sent the picture to my friend in FL for a confirmation. While I am waiting on his opinion...I would like to know what y'all think?

He/She's pose seems to say...."ID me if you crazy bird lady!"

Peace, Love, Heath, and Wealth to ALL!



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