Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Bird Is a Female Cowbird NOT a Female Red-Wing Blackbird

In previous posts I have told you that this bird was a female Blue Grosbeak then a female Red-Wing Blackbird.  Turns out it is a female Cowbird.  I had posted this picture on a thread at a forum on Birds&Blooms.  Another member graciously pointed out my error yesterday.  Many thanks to narnian for her expert ability to I. D. birds.  

She is dining with a Mourning Dove.

To see a picture of a female Red-wing Blackbird visit Out on the Prairie .   These females have darker streaks.  My old Peterson's Field Guide listed the female Cowbird as being grey. I really need a new Field Guide.:)

I apologize for my mistake and any confusion that it may have caused.  Should I make any more mistakes in the future....please feel free to correct me.  It is important to me to only post true information.

It is a work day so I must get going.  Peace to All!  sign.....Human Me Who Makes Mistakes



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