Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Feel Blessed!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside enjoying the sights, sounds, and fragrances of Nature.  All of a sudden I was filled with a sense of peace and gratitude.  I asked myself what more could I possibly want or need?  My mind went blank.  At that glorious moment I knew that I am truly blessed to have my humble home and little piece of Paradise.  I am sharing this in hope that everyone will stop and notice the gifts and beauty around you.  

These are a few of my latest gifts from Mother Nature.  I will start with a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  I like this shot because it shows the red tinted feathers on his belly thus how they got their name.  They are carrying chunks to their nestlings.  I can't wait to see them at the feeders.

 A Mockingbird at my water garden.  I love watching them scare up bugs by flashing their wings. The white wing feathers frighten insects and causes them to jump.

A female Cardinal waiting for a turn at the suet feeder.

The female Red-wing Blackbird was chattering up a storm yesterday. 

My friend Steve in NC calls these two the Blues Brothers.:)  They often share a meal.  The male Indigo Bunting is on the left and the male Blue Grosbeak is on the right.  I hope y'all aren't tired of seeing these birds.

I picked these Strawberries yesterday.  They were good in my cereal this morning.'s simple pleasures.

Last but not least....this cute Chipmunk is going to Bird Church. is Sunday!

Wishing All a Wonderful Day.  Remember to count your blessings and hold them in your Heart for a Rainy Day.  Peace!



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