Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Gift and An Award!

I met Glenna on Blog Catalog and we became fast friends. She has been in the"blogging world" longer than I have so she has been a great help with my endless questions. We live in different regions of the U.S. but still have found we have much in common. 

Her blog is Wood Burning Art Creations By Lucy .  She sells her beautiful original creations on her blog and some come with a nice little story that she writes. It is an interesting site to visit.  I was so impressed with her work that I ordered a custom sign for my sweet granddaughter a couple of weeks ago.  All I told her was what I wanted it to say and to maybe add a flower or butterfly.  I left the design up to her.  Well....It was delivered late last week and I couldn't be more pleased!  Take a look for yourself....

I hope Francesca likes it.  During her last visit she declared with her arms outstretched "My Garden!" at this flower border. This Grey squirrel thought it was a nice place to rest.

Check out Glenna/Lucy's blog.  I highly recommend her work and the honest way she does business.  Many of her creations are of wildlife in her home state of Wyoming.  

Speaking of Glenna/Lucy, she gave me an Award last week on her blog (the link is above).  What a cool surprise! So now I have yet another reason to thank her.  She also had to teach me how to post it on my blog.:-)

Now I must give it to at least 10 blogs that I love.  Hmmm....hard choice.  Heck...I want to give it to a few who are males.  I wonder if that is legal or will they be embarrassed?  I guess they will let me know..... but it is a good way to promote their great blogs.  

I will start with the ladies....

Great birding pictures and stories.

Wonderful pictures and artwork.

Interesting gardening information. 

A great blog for Spirituality, Nature,and healing our souls.

Guys & Gals Blogs

Their pictures blow me away!!!

Great blog about the places they visit.

A really great site with a variety Articles and Videos on about Nature. They have Free Nature Wallpaper! 

Now for the guy Blogs.

Ratty is always having a cool Nature adventure!

Steve is a photojournalist and Naturalist. His passion is the Prairies and restoring them. His stories take you to a bygone era...with love of the land and more. A must read! 

Birding in Ohio at it's best!

Hey Glenna/Lucy.....I did it.  Thanks again for the help, friendship, award and the great sign!!!




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