Monday, May 10, 2010

Garden Delights....Part Two: The Birds

Now that we have sat down from the little tour of the flowers in my Magical Garden the birds are returning.

Look over there it is an American Robin and a male Northern Cardinal.

The Robin decided to take a dip in the bird bath and splashed most of the water out.:)

Now look at the jar feeder!  A female Blue Grosbeak is having a meal with a male House Finch.

To the left of the feeder the male is waiting his turn to eat.  

In the Serviceberry tree there is a female House Finch.

A female Ruby-throated Hummingbird has zoomed in for a drink of sugar water.

Back at the popular jar feeder a male Indigo Bunting has arrived.  He is being camera shy.

Hey.....look in the Honeysuckles.  There is a female Eastern Towhee. Maybe she spotted a juicy bug.

Would you look at that?  She is taking a shower at the waterfall!

Oh....I recognize that call.  The male Red-wing Blackbird is heading out way.  Watch out Mourning Dove!  You are about to be run off!

Goodness....what is that bird???  Is it what I think it is?  Yes....It is a female Red-wing Blackbird!  This is my first sighting of one and was on my Wish List.  Whoo Hoo!

Looks like the Dove is a good listener.:)

Thanks so mush for the visit!  Please do come back soon.  Wishing you Peace!



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