Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fledgling Day for the Carolina Chickadees!

Over the years there have been different native birds nest in my bird houses.  I always missed that special day when the babes fledge due to being at work. A couple of days ago I was inside and heard the Chickadees chattering.  I went outside to see what was up.  Something told me that it was time for those babes to leave the nest.  It was a good thing that I took my camera with me.  I watched 5 babes....yes there were 5...take their first flight!

The pictures aren't the greatest as the sunlight was not in my favor and I didn't wish to get to close.  I cropped them so we could get a closer look.

This picture is one of four fledglings that flew to a tree on the left side of the nestbox.

Mama or Papa is reassuring another babe in this shot.

This one flew to the large Carolina Rose bush in front of the nestbox.

At this point four had left.  A few seconds passed and I thought that it was a done. When Mama or Papa flew back to the nestbox.

Isn't it cool that birds can count?  Now the fifth one sat on entrance hole and wouldn't leave. The parents were chattering up a storm.  I couldn't figure out why the babe just sat there.

Then my neighbor's dang cat came walking though the yard near the nestbox.  I shooed the cat home and in seconds the babe joined his family in the tree.  So...the parents where telling him to stay put until the cat left.  What smart little birds!

I tried to get a picture of them in the tree but they were hiding among the leaves before flying together into the woods.  

This picture is of the nest before I took it out.  Notice that has been compacted and the cup is no longer visible.  Looks like one babe had a bathroom call before leaving.

This is the nest after I took it out.  I don't know what the dark oval things to the right are. They were clinging to the side and bottom of the nest.  Does anyone happen to know?

I disposed of the nest in my garbage can as it can attract predators and finished cleaning out the nestbox.  I use an old grill bush to scrape the poop off the sides and will use an oxy-clean and water solution to finish the clean-up today leaving the door open for it to dry.  I also took the Hole Guard off.  I'm hoping that a pair of Eastern Bluebirds will decide to call it home.  They can nest up to 3 times in the South. Wish me luck!

This was a thrilling first experience for me.  Now I am suffering from "Empty Nest Syndrome".:)  

Peace to All and Thanks for dropping by!!!



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