Thursday, May 20, 2010

The First of The Season Catbird Sighting

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had to get my car serviced and run other errands.  I am going to Atlanta today to babysit my granddaughter for a few days.  My daughter and son-in-law are going on their first vacation without the little one.  I'm will take my laptop but probably won't be able to spend much time online.  Hopefully I will be able to get some interesting pictures to share.  

After mowing my grass I was able to sit outside and enjoy my Garden and the birds.  This bird visited the bird bath in my Herb garden.  At first I thought it was a Robin.  

When the bird then flew to a tree for a clearer view  I was delighted that it was a Catbird!  They don't visit feeders but love to bathe.  I took several pictures this is the best.  

My mind really would like for this bird to be a female Red-wing Blackbird.  But I feel it is the dang Cowbird who is still hanging around.  I'm not a fan of Cowbirds since they lay eggs in another bird's nest for them to incubate and raise but I thought she looked cute in these pictures.

I must now get ready for my trip to Hot Atlanta.  One more picture before I go.  Male Northern Cardinals look great in a snowy setting but also look nice in a green one.  Don't you agree?

Until next time.....Peace!



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