Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brown Thrasher

The Brown Thrasher is the state bird of Georgia.  At last check their numbers were slowly declining. They visit my yard/garden off and on though out the year.  Recently one has been visiting  my suet feeders.  

Last summer Mama Brown Thrasher would bring two babes to feasts on the ripe Blueberries. I hope to see a repeat this summer.

They would also take a dust bath in an Ant Hill or what is called Anting.

One babe posed for me in this shot.

Now take a bow little Brown Thrasher!

I hope y'all enjoyed seeing the State Bird of Georgia!  

Update:  I think the Crows ran the Blue Jay off the nest in my Pine Island. Blue Jays are still visiting the feeders but no sign of any youngsters.  Carolina Chickadees are visiting the feeders also but I have yet to see the five wee ones.  Maybe they are visiting while I am at work or perhaps Mom and Dad wish to teach them to forge in the wild.  They are probably the same size of their parents by now. 

Wait a minute....

Just as I typed this closing a Brown Thrasher with three juveniles showed up right outside my window!  How is this for cool timing?  Since it is the early (the blueberries aren't ripe yet) I'm guessing they have more than one brood per season.  I couldn't get a picture of all three together. 

Oh....the Joy of Bird Watching!!!

Peace, Love, Health, and Wealth to All! 



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