Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Wonderful Day For Birds and Surprises!

Hi Y'all.....  Today has been a special day for birds.  I will start with the Carolina Chickadees' nestlings.  It looks like 5 of 6 eggs hatched.  Maybe one babe is hiding.

They are around a week old.  This is one who thought I was Mom and wanted to be fed. How cute!!!

Mama Chickadee waited patiently nearby on the power line while I checked the nest and took the pictures.  She had a nice looking morsel in her beak for the hungry babe.  I was surprised she didn't fuss at me.

I may be lacking nesting Eastern Bluebirds so far but....Blue Grosbeaks and Indigo Buntings have returned for their nesting season!  They like the open brushy area outside of my yard.  I think they migrate together since they show-up on the same day.  They love the Finch Seed Blend that I offer in the jar feeder. 

This is the Blue Grosbeak. This bird is not only beautiful but has a very sweet song.

 Indigo Buntings are smaller than the Blue Grosbeaks and lack the rusty wing bars. They are about the same size of American Goldfinches but are much shyer. To attract them you need to have a brushy area.  Their favorite seed is white millet. 

I know the feeder looks empty.  I refilled it after I took this pictures. They visited many times today.  These birds just finished their long journey from South America so they should be famished.  Other birds helped...but this cute, little Chipmunk is a dog gone Hog! 

Well...I hope you enjoyed your visit.  I have more Surprises to share but didn't want to over do it.  To Be Continued.....

Peace to All!



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