Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update on the Carolina Chickadee Nest....Plus!

Today my daughter came over for lunch.  She wanted to see the Carolina Chickadee babes.  I tapped on the nestbox before opening it to alert Mama'Dee. She didn't fly out.  I opened the box and Mama 'Dee suddenly flew out starling us.  We quickly took a look and saw that all six eggs had hatched.  The babes are so darn cute. I took a picture and swiftly closed the box.  Mama 'Dee returned a few minutes later.  So All is Well.  

The last 3 days a male Red-Wing Blackbird has been visiting a feeder. Seldom do I see them here as they like to hang out and nest around natural water sources  Maybe the sound of my new waterfall brought him in.  Today I finally got a picture.  He always gives a notice that he is coming in.  They love Black-Oil Sunflower Seeds and the Finch Seeds Blend.

Grey Squirrels are common here in Georgia. This is the first year that I have had these critters visit year-round.  They love Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and raid my feeders least the ones that are not "squirrel" proof.  Heck...they are so entertaining to watch so I welcome them.

I took this last Fall. Everyday for weeks he would carry 2 Hickory nuts though my yard to his Winter food storage.  One day he turned around and looked at me.


Today this Squirrel was trying to figure out where the Heck I moved "his" bird feeder. Oh...he/she will find it.  Squirrels are amazingly smart and clever animals!




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